Welcome! My name is Natalya Grabavoy, and I am an experienced copywriter and creative. A graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University, I've spent the past several years writing copy in a wide variety of fields, including:  pharmaceuticals, communication technology, lifestyle blogs, writing product descriptions and boosting SEO content for company websites. I have also worked as a project manager and social media moderator for Groupon for nearly 4 years.


I most recently serve as a contributing travel writer to the popular lifestyle site, The Everygirl, as well as satirical feminist news site Reductress, and Babe.net. 


My extensive comedy and writing background has formed my unique voice and witty, engaging style. As a result, my articles have received tens of thousands of shares across social media, and hundreds of thousands of views online.  


I am also the founder and editor of the satirical lifestyle blog, The Flawed Life, where I, along with my team of 15 writers, point out the quirks of social media "influencers."

Click below for some of my published work:

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